2019 Onwards

2019 Has started off well, Had a very quite New Year , I stayed at home. For me I really didn’t need to do much, I was getting ready to travel back to Pattaya in Thailand for 6 weeks. I spoiled myself this trip and spent a lot of money on going business class on Singapore Airlines.


Arriving in Pattaya this time, was a little under whelming, it had lost it’s charm a little. But I was on a little mission to get out of my dilemma that I was in sexually. It had been a long time between having any close intermit contact with someone.


I had started to make contact with this younger Thai Man, not a kid but a more mature younger man, on Facebook. Not that I expected anything to happen , it was a wait and see. He worked as a Waiter at one of the food outlets in Jomtien Complex . I think we went there the second night I was in town with Tony, Tomas, John and a few other people for dinner. It seemed to be an instant likeness for each other, but that tends to happen in Thailand. Most Thai guys just want to make some money for the night, have sex then move on to the next man that come in.


Over the coming days , I would see him on the steps of the restaurant, and he would wave to me and come over to me, and have a quick chat, I ended up saying would you like to go out for dinner one night, just him and me and he agreed. To cut a long story short , we went out , and for some reason for the rest of my time started to go out a lot. For me personally, I have to say , I really fell for him. We ended up spending a lot of time together. I think I actually fell in love again. Hopefully one day he might come out to Australia to visit me.


Once again in Pattaya I caught up with some old friends and made a lot of new ones as well. I do like the place a lot, but next year I would like to travel to other places around Thailand, Maybe with Natee as my guide.


Since being back in Australia , My new Album project with John and Criston has been released. AJC-Continuum. Very excited about his project. You can check it out on our web page.


The rest of the year will be taken up with maybe moving to the Gold Coast, doing another project with John and Criston. And just enjoying my life….


So there will be more to come. So stayed turned….