Dunk Island: After the Heaters finished in 1982, I pondered around for a while. I was working in a kitchen as a dishpig, and a phone call came thru from Terry Blammey , asking if I would like to go to Dunk Island as a fill in player, I jump at the chance and went up there, Ashley Henderson was

playing bass and Adrian Payne was playing drums. Adrian did not like me at first , he had gone a little troppo. But we got thru the gig. After that stint I went back to Melbourne for a few mths playing around town, and got a call for a drummer called Carl, asking if I would like to go back to Dunk for 3 mths. So I did and ended up staying 6 mths, Had a great time, but my liver was giving up. So went back to Melbourne in June 1993.

Salesman: I sort of lost interest in Playing after Dunk Island. I had been doing some demos for Music Junction. I was asked to join the sales team at Troy Music in 1984. Seemed to be a place where old rock stars worked. I did that for about a 1 year , in the middle of that I did the Spectrum Reunion Tour in 1984. After That I was poached by Yamaha Music to Demo for them. That was great fun, flew and drank myself around the country for free, and got all this new gear to keep.

When doing a demo at Music Junction, Palmi asked me if I was interested in working at MJ’s. So I said yes after a couple of days, stayed there for 5 years. Got to go to Japan, USA and lots of  trips around oz land. And got to meet and make a lot of friends in the Music Industry. Which went on to a lot of other projects and bands

The 80’s was a fun time for me, lots of everything in excess.

While I was doing some work with Yamaha Music I joined “Grand Wazoo Band” A 17 piece band, doing Soul, Blues and Funk. The band leaded at the time, John Ellis decided to mount a production of “War of the Worlds”. with a 100 Piece Orch and 60 Piece Choir. With  Special Guest Singer’s. Sometime in the 80’s Myself and the Guitar Player from Wazoo, Kevin Jones. We Started  A Ozzie Type Cover band called “ Strike ME Lucky” The Band was a tight outfit, but never quite did anything. It was great playing with those guys.


 During the Music Junction days, I was playing in a few different bands. But nothing to write home about. 1989 was a year that change everything for me ,I  Got involved with a TV show, “ The Great TV Game Show” on Ch 10. It ran for 17eps. It did not rate very well. But for me another thing on my resume. I started doing some Radio in Melbourne as the “Morning Crew Players” , Myself and Libby Gorr ( El McFeast ). I was also doing some things for the Comedy Company Show. I was on the 50th Ep, backing Mark Mitchell for a send up . I also played Con the Fruiter as back shots playing piano for a send up of  Making Whoopee. That was fun, but hard work. I started doing some recording with John St Peeters, one of the best entertainers I have ever seen. He taught me a lot , he was the one who introduced me to Hamilton Island, and the Beautiful Whitsunday's. There where a lot of different bands that I played in,

but frankly I can not remember them all.

Tony, John St Peeters

And Toay Barber

On Stage for

“ War of the Worlds

“ The Great TV Game Show”

“Grand Wazoo Band”

Ashley, Tony and Adrian

Dunk Island

The 80’s started of as a dream come true, playing with two of Australia's most  respected players in Mike Rudd and Bill Putt. With Myself and

Drummer Robbie Dillon, we toured most of Oz land and cut an Album on Mushroom records, got to play on Countdown, Hey Hey it’s Saturday, and a lot of over TV shows , with the Highlight being on the Bill for the

Mushroom Evolution Concert at the Myre Music Bowl in front of about 40,000 people. It was a real buzz.

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Sometime in the Late 80’s, I started to write some songs with Russell Morris. That was a big thrill for me. I really liked Russell. The most down to earth

person you could meet. We wrote some good tracks, but nothing ever was recorded. Hopefully one day someone will here one of them and make it a big hit.

I can dream ,can’t I.????

Sometime in the late 80’s, I was introduced to Jason Donavan , a Young TV Star, He was the son of  Terry Donavan. His management at the time wanted Jason to work with someone, and learn how to record and write songs. At the time , he and Kylie Minogue  where stars of Ch 10 Series Neighbors ,  Kylie at that time had a Number one single out, so Jason was going to do the same thing. It seem to be the thing of the Late 80’s. When I first met Jason I was surprised, nothing like I thought he would be. He was really down to earth. We got on pretty well. We ended up writing some songs, going out to dinner a few times and having a few drinks. He was always being hounded by the Press. They followed him around all the time. The last time I saw Jason was around 1990, he was becoming a big star in Britain, and already had a Number One Single in Britain . He had a  lot on Number Ones singles and  Albums. When he moved to England we just lost contact.

Hopefully one day we may catch up.

“Strike Me Lucky”

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