When 1990 came around , I was

getting ready for a change of surroundings. 1989 was the best and worst year I think I have ever had. I know it was time to make a move. I decided to leave my well paid job at Music Junction. I knew everyone was starting to hate me. I had done my time, now time to go. I started to get back into playing, joined a band called “ The Mackay Sound” with two big names in it, Brain Mannix and Freddie Strauks. The band was playing about 2 gigs a week. It was enough to survive on. In that band , was another person who I became great friends with , Mae Parker. We formed a duo outside of the band. Called LUSH, We did some great gigs together.  Worked with

Iain McLennan on his CD “Mauve”. If you can find a copy , it is well worth it.

About this time as well I started a project with Stephen Housden from “Little River Band”. We had meet at a gym in Melbourne. He wanted someone to work with , do to some demos. It was going to only be a few mths work but ended up to be a 3 year project , we ended up with a great CD. Called “ New World Groove”. I co-wrote some tracks on it and Co-Produced it with Steve. It is a great CD and worth a listen. We did some live shows around the country. The Cd did not do much, but I still get some royalties from Russia and Italy.

Stephen Housden Band

The Mackay Sound on

The Bert Newton Show

Mae Parker and Tony

About 1992 I started playing in band called “ Sudden Comfort “ with well know singer Robin Jolly. The band did mainly corporate gigs around Melbourne. David Bray a great friend and Guitar player, got me into the band.

I did bits and Pieces in Melbourne,  playing with or mining on TV with a few different acts. I was on a high , a real high if I

Remember. But things where starting to wear thin. As they say.

Sudden Comfort

Paddy, Dave, Robin,

Tony and Bill

At the beginning of 1990 thru John St Peeters, I started going up to Hamilton Island. At the End on 1993 , I had enough of Melbourne, New Years eve 1993, was when I made my mind up to go and Live in the Whitsunday's. I left Melbourne in April 1994 and Moved permanently to Hamilton Island

Tony with The Paul Nortin Band

Tonight Live Ch 7

The Whitsunday Years: Its hard to know where to start. It was because Of  John St Peeters that I got to the Island. I recorded a 30 piece

Orchestral for a cd release for John, then I recorded him playing in one of the bars. Then one faithful night The owner of the venue

’ Beach Bar and Grill” Pat Hannah, asked me to get up and play a song or two. Then that one performance got me a 1 mths stint on the island. I was pretty Bad, but I kept at it. I kept going back and forth to the island with John and Doing the Odd 1 mth solo up there.

 While doing a stint up there with Brain Mannix at the Verandah Bar. I  got asked to do a stint in the Compass Lounge . Then in 1994 they asked me back with a 1 year contract, which turned into 3 and 1/2 years. I was also lucky to meet and

became friends with some great people, one being  Lissa Morris who has been a big supporter of  my Piano Bar style. And I thank her for that. Hamilton Island is a very special place for me. I’ve  had some of the best years of my life there. And made some great friends.

Around the beginning of 1997, I moved over to Airlie Beach. The hub for the Whitsunday's. Started doing some duo and Solo work . Then was asked to join the Flames of Polynesia Show as compare. Which I ended up doing for 2 years.  Plus I was doing a lot of solo shows and playing with other bands, it was great fun. Then I got involved with two projects, that would take up a lot of my time and money.

Tony on Stage with The Flames

Tony And Brain Mannix

Hamilton Island

Tony with Chocolate Starfish and GM of Hamilton Island Rolf Bower

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