Mike Rudd…….Guitar ,Harp and Vocals

Bill Putt………..Bass (and all round nice guy)

Robbie Dillon….Drums and Vocals

Tony Fossey…...Keyboards and Vocals


This outfit came together in May 1980.

Here is  part of the first Press Release that went out on the new band…………….


Mike Rudd and The Heaters  are on the road again, Demonstrating the new season’s model.

A bright and tight Unit of  four dedicated Musicians.Mike Rudd and Bill Putt have been musical partners for 11 years, through all the  Kaleidoscopic changes of Spectrum/Murtceps, Ariel, Instant Replay and The Heaters. And the 10 Albums and numerous singles that reflected all the changes. Now they are in the fortunate

position of being able to re-create some of their favorite moments of music, and in their new songs to show that Mike Rudd still has his unique talent for memorable Music and significant Lyrics.

Joining Mike Rudd and Bill Putt this time are

 two newcomers——–Drummer Robert Dillon,

from Melbourne suburb of Essendon,

 and Keyboard Player  Tony Fossey,

From Adelaide.

May 1980

The Heaters was the Best Part of my Musical Career. I learnt so much from two of the most Respected Entertainer’s in the Industry. Mike Rudd and Bill Putt. For Robbie and myself The Heaters was a very big learning curve. Although both of us had played in bands before, we both grew up very quickly. Touring was great fun for me. I always have liked to Travel. One night stands, in a lot of new towns, in a State that I have not seen much of. I had Toured in the late 70’s with Andy Upton. But The Heaters was very Special,

it was a real family

Helen Rudd was always looking after us and just playing Mum, and feeding all of us when we where broke. That’s Rock and Roll I

suppose. In the 2 years The Heaters were together,

we did a lot of touring.

I got to see a lot of this beautiful Country of ours. I also got a chance to meet a lot of my Hero’s from all the great bands of the 70’s. My first party that I went to, I meet more Aussie Rock  Stars then I ever dreamed off. What a buzz I was having. We got to cut an Album in 1981 .The UNREALIST on MURSHROOM RECORDS.

 Ian Meldrum liked the Band and Helped us get a Record deal with Mushroom Records. The Album came out on Australia Day Weekend. Jan 1982. We Played at THE MYRE MUSIC BOWL

in front of About 40,000 people.

To release the Album. It was a big day in all .

The Mushroom Evolution Concert.

 Went on all the TV shows, Hey Hey Its Saturday

( Morning Show), Countdown. etc.

The Heaters were one of Melbourne’s TOP Live Band‘s. The Album Did not Capture that live sound that we had. Listening back to some old Desk Tapes, the Band was great live. The Band had a big

Following in Melbourne and Adelaide. The rest of Australia knew who we where but  that was all.

The last trip to Sydney Sunk the Band.

The normal thing in Rock and Roll.

I had some great times and made a lot of friends.

And would do it all over again.

Spectrum: In 1984 Mike Rudd rang me to see if  I wanted to do the upcoming Spectrum Reunion Tour. They could not find the Original Keyboard Player and Since I new the Songs I said yes, Went in the

Studio for two weeks reh, and hit the road. We did ABC Rock Arena. To launch the Greatest Hits CD and Tour. Unfortunately the Tour was a big flop for Mike and Bill. But for me, I got to work with Ray Arnott , and See a bit more of OZ once again. In 1989 and 1990, Mike was planning to do a revisited version of  Spectrum. A series of Shows at the

Troubadour in Melbourne. A very different band, but was great  to do, and I had a great time doing those show’s

Spectrum 1984

Spectrum 1989-90

I Recently caught up with Mike Rudd and Robbie Dillon in Melbourne in March 2007.

It was great seeing them again.

Didn’t see Bill Putt,  but I at least spoke to him. Mike and Bill are still playing, with different lineup’s of Spectrum. Robbie has a Blues Band called Dream Boogie and doing lots of

Production work.

Check out there web sites on the Links page.

Check out the Heaters Live on You Tube

Check out the Spectrum Live on You Tube

Sadly In August 2013

 Bill Putt Passed away.

He died of a Heart Attack at his Home.

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