I was looking for something else to do, away from playing.

The Olympic Torch was coming to Airlie Beach, and the council where putting on a big party. I got involved , and ended doing a lot of the planning and design of the show. It was very Successful. Then the council asked me to help out with the Federation Party. Which I put together the entertainment program. I also help the Rotary Club of Airlie Beach put on The Boat Show.

At the beginning of 2000, while the torch was going on, I also got involved in the Local Community Radio Station .89.1 Reef FM.

 It was fun putting it together and getting it to Air, but as a lot of community things they tend to fall apart. As did Reef Fm. For me I leant a lot and got hurt a lot. Just another chapter in my life.

 I have been involved with some of the local Artists,

I produced a track called “ I’m Free” of the new

Kieran McCarthy CD

“ Blue on Blue” . There are some great tracks on it,

 it is worth a listen.

The Dreamers

Daydream Island

Punga, Debbie, Tony and Santos

Long Island Resort

Tony, Roger  and Chrissie

Banjos Bar

Tony Live




Port Douglas

Tony, Mario ( Mayor) and Gail

Accepting Australia Day Award

The Radio Station days, things where always busy, I think I was working up to 70 to 80 hrs a week, also playing music at different places around Airlie Beach and Islands. I have made some close friends at the beach, I still like the place, and will

eventually move back to that area. I moved from the area in 2004, went back for a brief visit in 2005.


 Has passed and I turned 50, that was a great night on Hamilton Island.



I am still in the beautiful Pioneer Valley, Nth West of  Mackay. I don’t get up to Airlie much these days, but  I still run the  Art Show for the Rotary Club of Airlie Beach every year. , I am still playing  some solo gigs., in the Pioneer Valley

 Life is good at the moment, I really don’t want to spoil it .  I hope to still write that elusive number one track.  I put out my Instrumental Cd , but to this day nothing much as happened. Have been over to

Singapore again, what a great place, I could live there.  2008 was a testing year, lot of things going on .


2009– well it has been a busy year so far, and that is just the first 5 mths. Went to Buenos Aires in Jan , and then boarded a princess Cruise down to ANTARCTICA. Which I have to say was one of the most amazing things I have ever done. Click on link for a look at ANTARCTICA. Plus cruising is great fun. I have to say that I would do it full time if I good afford it. In Feb when we got back, Went down to Tassie for 10 days. What a great place. And I could also live there. Anyway that’s it for now. Caught Up With a very Old Friends of late. Including Rob Kirk and Kevin Jones. Both who are doing Quite Well in the Melbourne Music Scene. Plus caught up with Andy Upton, and some very old friends in Adelaide.

As another decade passes and we go into a new decade. I hope  to be able in 2010 to catch up with more old friends. It’s time for getting in contact a little more of my Past.



 Well it is now October, and it has been a busy year so far. Went over to New Zealand for the First time. What a great place, then got onboard a cruise ship and sailed back to Australia. Caught up with some old friends in Tassie and Melbourne for a big lunch.  I do like the cursing thing. It is a great life style if you can afford it.  On march 20th a Cyclone hit our area, did a lot of damage we are still cleaning up from it. Had no power or phones for 7 days. Ended up going out to Longreach. If you have never been there , you should go. It is a great place for the history of the Ozzie outback . Went to Adelaide to

celebrate Jaynies 50th, had a great night, and got to play once again with Andy Upton. We did some songs at the big birthday bash. Plus mad some New friends. Who likes Chivas , the only Scotch to drink.

Check out the photos in the gallery. In September  we tripped of to Shanghai, China, It was a interesting trip. The place is big and I mean Big. Food was great , tried a lot of different types of food, Also went to the World Expo. That was just over the top. Caught up with an old friend in Keith Fowler, who I have not seen in over 15 years. Next trip in November to Canberra and then to Adelaide in Dec to see family and then a Xmas / New Year Cruise , really looking forward to that .



Well it’s 2011 now and getting ready for the New Year. Had a great time cruising over to New Zealand, catching up with old friends again . Xmas and New Year’s Eve on board the ship, was just great .

Not much work on , but I don’t really care. Off to Melbourne in Feb , for a wine tour around Victoria, then in July a 28 day Cruise around the Pacific. Looking forward to that. Have been playing on some demo’s for some friends in Melbourne and Sydney via the Internet, LOCO CORVETTE, Cd is out in August, have really enjoyed doing that. Plus have just finished putting Keyboard tracks down for a

Country CD, coming out later in the year.

It’s Now August the Loco Corvette CD is due to be released , Have just finished our South Pacific Cruise, Had a great time , saw some just amazing places. A few I could really live there. The Farm is about to sold , so over the coming mths we will be going back to Airlie Beach for a while. Of to Canberra in November for a Birthday Party then At Xmas New Year cruise to Singapore. Check out some photos of the South Pacific cruise on the link .



Well 2012 was a busy year, The farm got sold and we moved back to Airlie Beach. Went on a two mth cruise around the Circle Pacific , visiting places like China , South Korea, Russia and Alaska. Plus many other places. Spent a few days in the Cook Islands as well. Then we came back for a mth, then went to Hawaii with some friends , and toured around there. Highlight was in the Big Island, hiring a Helicopter and flying over the Volcano. Then we all boarded a cruise ship and sailed back to Sydney. As part of this trip we witnessed a Solar Eclipse . Xmas was quite, just spent it in Airlie Beach and with family. A very Busy year.


2013 0nwards……...

Three’s a Crowd

Tony, Tracy and


Diamond Princess

Auckland Feb 2010

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