Already this year , we went to South Australia to do some wine tasting, around 50 wines a day. All up over the 10 days we visited 60 Wineries around SA. Have done the Hawaiian Cruise 35 days of  Bliss. Had time to go to 4 Hawaiian Islands this time. God I love Cruising. The Only way to Travel. Not up to a lot for the rest of the year. Trip to Rocky, and to the Gold Coast, just to have a look around.

We also Lost the Great Bill Putt to a heart Attack in August, which for me was very sad. Bill was the Bass player in the Heaters. He showed me a lot in that band, he was a real mentor to me. I went to his LAST GIG , a celebration of his life. It was great to catch up with a lot of old Muso’s and Road Crew from those great days. Mike Rudd did a great job on the day and really held it altogether. Very sad day.

For the rest of the year, it was just spent in Airlie Beach.

Went to Adelaide for a week before Xmas, spending some time with my Mother and Family.




Well what a year it has been...I will be glad to see the end of it. Early April, I had the pleasure of going down to Adelaide, to witness one of my Oldest Friends Re-Marry. Jaynie Morris to become Mr and Mrs Chris and Jaynie Riggs ( Photo  opposite ), plus got to catch up with some other old friends Paul, Lee and Mike. Had a big week down there.


The sad thing for me, it would be the last time I saw my Mother alive. One week after retuning to Airlie, sadly she passed away. So back to Adelaide for her funeral. The only good thing was that I got to catch up with a lot of Mums family and my Cousins. Five of us where all around the same age and grew up together ( Photo opposite )


After all that did not do a lot, just laid low until August. In August we went to England for 4 weeks, via Singapore, Abu Dhabi on the way there and Dubai and Singapore on the way home, which added an extra week to the trip. England was a lot of Fun, We had a hire car, drove around , Went up to Scotland, saw some friends, had Haggis for the first time, Saw a London Theater Show, rode the Tube, saw the Palace, Stonehenge, Tower Bridge, Big Ben etc etc.   Met some great people in these small Villages that we stayed in. We avoided the big city thing. Just mainly went to small of the beaten track places, which I have to say is a great way to see England.


On our way to England we stopped into Singapore, love this place, and then Abu Dhabi, I have to say , I just wanted to leave, I felt very unsafe there, on the way back we stopped in Dubai, that was a little better, but I still felt very unsafe. No matter what anyone tells you, they really do not like westerners . Plus is was so Hot ,Dry and dusty , anyway I am glad I have visited the place.


The Next trip is Christmas and New Year on my Favorite Ship the Diamond Princess. 

Doing this trip in memory of my Mother, she loved to sail. I used to ring her when we set sail on ever cruise, this time Ron and I will be drinking to her memory.


Well 2015 is here now, had a great Cruise over Xmas and New Year on the Diamond Princess, around beautiful New Zealand, caught up with old friend Eddie Rayner , it has been 20 years since we last caught up.


Since being home , have completed a CD for a Local Muso, The Mark Nicol Project-Ocean Deep. With he help of the Local players. Mainly to help raise money for him, he is fighting Cancer, so we all got together and put in the time to let him have a legacy.


Now we are getting ready for our round the world in 60 days trip. Half flying and half Cruising. ( more on that when we get back )


The Uploaders CD is out and doing really well. Its on iTunes and a few other places as well. Watch our Video 






Well we had a great round the world trip in 60 days. Visited a lot of places that are just amazing. Went to a couple of Theater shows in London , Went thru Both Canals The Suez and Panama ,   The Unfortunate  thing for me was losing two very important friends , Firstly Mark Nicol lost his battle with cancer, It was a pleasure to produce his CD, before he passed, And Phil Heffernan , Who I caught up with in Lisbon on the 20th April , after not seeing each other for over 25 years, had a massive Heart Attack.  So the end of the trip was a little sad. I  met up in Adelaide with Members of the band with Phil , to say goodbye, which was very Special , The thing for me now , is that friends are so important, that we should never forget that, and must catch up with them , every now and then.


Had a nice cruise around Hawaii and Tahiti on the Sun Princess. Although the  Ship itself  is starting to show her age. On the Ship for 35 days. Still love Hawaii and Bora Bora, the rest well , I think it’s time to visit some new places.


Had a lot of Fun going around PNG in Oct on the Pacific Dawn Cruise ship. But would have to say, it was nice to see the place , but will never go back there for any period of time.



Went on a 47 day Cruise around the Indian and Southern Oceans, Visiting Singapore, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Seychelles' Islands , Mozambique, South Africa,

Union Island and Mauitius. On the Sun Princess. Had a great time. Went on Safari, saw some amazing things, really feel in love with Cape Town. More Cruises in the Middle of the Year . 


2013 Onwards....

Top Left.. Mike Rudd

Top Right

John Moon and Me


Frank Chic and John Moon